About Marketing-Dynamix

Marketing-Dynamix, Inc. was founded by Sheri Vernier in 2001 fueled by a passion and a purpose to provide excellent list brokerage and data strategy services to all types of clients, big and small. As a marketer and entrepreneur with hands on industry experience on both the agency and client side of the business, Sheri understands the importance of a good direct marketing list and the power of data and wanted to use her knowledge and expertise to help other companies grow their businesses and increase their profits.

Fast forward 16 years and over a thousand direct marketing campaigns later. Marketing-Dynamix has grown and evolved along with the ever-changing direct marketing industry. Today, Marketing-Dynamix is regarded by hundreds of clients across the country from small to medium-sized businesses through Fortune 1000 companies, as a leading provider of multi-channel integrated marketing solutions and database services. 


Our Approach...

We consult with our clients on every marketing campaign, we don't just take orders. We want to understand our client's needs and goals so we can help them find the best solution that works. We want to build long-term relationships with our clients and help them grow their business.


When you work with Marketing Dynamix, you will be assigned a team member who will handle all of your list requests and data needs. We create ease and efficiency for sourcing lists and data from just one place no matter what audience you are trying to reach. In addition, we treat our customers the same way we expect to be treated. All emails and voicemails are answered promptly and we present information in a clean and concise manner.

Trusted Sources

We have been in the list brokerage business for more than 13 years and have established strong relationships with all of the top list owners/list managers in the country. We only work with list companies who have fresh, accurate data and who share the same commitment to excellence and adheres to industry best practices. Unfortunately, there are a lot of junk lists out there and many companies claiming to have the best lists....you need to trust who you buy your lists from. 


At Marketing-Dynamix, we believe in complete transparency about how and where we source our lists. We pass along the list company's rate cards to our clients so they have all of the detailed information about a list so they can make informed list buying decisions. 

Challenge Us

Are you looking for a list that is difficult to find? We love being challenged! Tell us what your "dream list" looks like and we'll use our sources to see if we can find what you need. If the list exists.....we will get it for you!

Marketing Expertise at Your Service

About half of our clients are agencies, marketing companies, printers or fulfillment houses who don't have the in-house capabilities to fulfill and execute on their clients' strategies. We will create campaigns from start to finish, or just pick up where you left off--assisting in the process wherever you need us, making you the hero.

A partnership with Marketing-Dynamix frees you up to focus on your strengths which increases your efficiency and profitability.

Our Clients...

We work with a wide variety of clients, but the majority come from education, non-profits, agencies, printers, mail houses, real estate developers, hotels and resorts, financial services, healthcare, automotive, and technology.

Providing Integrated Marketing Solutions for Your Business:

EXPERIENCE.  We are a data company with more than 16 years of experience.

ACCESSIBILITY.  We have access to every available list on the market (over 60,000+ lists in the U.S. and Internationally. If the list exists....we can get it for you!

LIST RESEARCH.  We perform thorough research to try to find the best possible lists to reach your desired audience and help you achieve the greatest return on your marketing investment.

FREE QUOTES.  We provide free, no-obligation quotes with list recommendations, counts and pricing.

SAVE TIME.  We will research lists, place and track all orders, freeing your staff so they can concentrate on their core duties.

BEST PRICES.  Because of the volume of business we do and the strong industry relationships we have with the list owners/managers, we can negotiate the best possible pricing on behalf of our clients. That equals real savings for you!

NON-BIASED. Since we do not own or manage any of our own lists, we do not have any proprietary interest in suggesting a particular list over another. Clients only receive list recommendations that best meet their particular list needs.

PERSONAL GUARANTEE.  You can be confident that if you buy a list from Marketing-Dynamix, it will not only be the best, most targeted list available that reaches your desired audience....we will also make sure you are happy with our service. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, we will work with you to make it right.