DataBASE Services

The key to successful marketing is to understand your customers. Marketing-Dynamix can help you gain valuable insight about your clients and prospects through data enhancement and customer profiling. We can dig into your data and tell you more about your customers-- who they are, what they like, how much they spend, etc. We also have many other data-related services to solve your marketing challenges. Here is how we can help:

Data Enhancement/Append:

  • Fill in the missing gaps in your database by appending email addresses, phone numbers, demographics, lifestyle and transactional data to your customer list.
  • By adding valuable business and consumer data to your list, you will learn more about your customers and be able to market to them more effectively.
  • Choose from hundreds of consumer demographic, lifestyles and interest, and buying behaviors to enrich your customer database such as: age, income, gender, education, presence of children, marital status, homeowner status, interest in golf, donates to charitable causes, etc.
  • Add business firmagraphics such as industry, company size, and website URL to your own B2B list.
  • Grow your customer database.
  • Increase your response rate.

Customer Profiling/Modeling:

Increased business success begins with knowing your customers! By analyzing your customer database, Marketing-Dynamix can identify the most common traits and segments of your best customers, and then use that data to find prospects that look just like them. This will give you a clearer picture of those customers who are most likely to buy your product or service again and again.

Send us your whole customer list or just your best customers and we will create customer profiles to compare and analyze your most loyal customer's lifestyles, purchase behaviors and geographic location.

This unique set of criteria can be used to locate records that look just like your highest value customers; in addition to identifying new markets and clusters with similar traits.

Data Hygiene


If you would like to clean up your email list, we can analyze and scrub your list for invalid emails, opt-outs, spam traps, bounces and complainers. Never let bad data bring the quality of your list down again or get you blocked from any email service providers.


We can help you reduce costs by eliminating duplicate records whether you have one database or multiple lists. If you have multiple lists, we can merge them together to make one master list and purge the duplicate records. This will improve your image because....let's face it, receiving multiple pieces of mail is wasteful.

NCOA (National Change of Address) & CASS/DSF

Update your current addresses of customers (people or businesses) who have moved in the last 48 months by comparing your file to the USPS database of Change of Address requests and improve the deliverability of your mailings by standardizing all of the addresses (such as abbreviations, directionals, Zip+4, Carrier Routes and Delivery Point Codes) in order to meet USPS requirements.  This will enable you to receive the greatest postal discounts, higher deliverability rates and increased responses.


Identify the names and addresses of consumers that are associated with the following lists and have them removed.

  • Do Not Mail Suppression
  • Do Not Call Suppression
  • Deceased Suppression
  • Bankruptcy Suppression
  • Prison Suppression

List Segmentation:

Your customers expect a certain level of personalization. Therefore, you need to make sure you are providing them a truly tailored customer experience.  One of the most effective ways to boost performance of your email and postal marketing campaigns is through List Segmentation.

Maximize the power of your own data by identifying market segments within your customer database. This can be achieved by segmenting by age, gender, income, geography, customer behavior, transaction data.... or by job title, industry, stage in sales cycle or purchase behavior.

Full Service Printing/Mailing:

Are you looking for a 1-stop shop to handle list procurement, printing and mailing of your piece? Marketing-Dynamix can manage this whole process for you. We help you take the time and stress out of managing multiple vendors by being your one point of contact and will walk you through the process from start to finish.