digital Marketing

Marketing-Dynamix is proud to announce our newest digital mediums to increase brand awareness and response. More touch points are becoming digital.  We can isolate specific households and show your digital display/video ads ONLY to those particular households that you want to reach. It's direct mail for the internet! 

Digital Display Advertising

IP Targeting at Household Level

Just as everyone has a physical address, they have an IP address. Deliver targeted digital ads to your customer list by matching their IP address with their physical address. While most other online marketing tools use online cookie data, we use offline data which is verified and drastically reduces the potential of bot traffic. This type of targeting is beneficial for advertisers because it delivers online digital ads directly on your customer's home computers and smart phones. In other words, you can reach the exact same people via their mailbox while they are browsing online, checking their email, and more. 

100% cookie free, easy setup and deployment.

Platform delivers a wide variety of banner and display ads to the sites the targeted customers visit on the internet at home and on their smart phones utilizing the Google Ad Network.

Benefits include: 

  • Integration with direct mail (or email) - exposing the customer to the campaign before and after the mail drop date creates more awareness and brand recognition.
  • Typical revenue lift over 9% than doing direct mail by itself.
  • Specifically targets people on your mailing list and is a perfect blend of integrated marketing strategy.
  • No IT involvement. No cookies or tracking pixels required.
  • Multiple ways to track ROI. Match Back analysis report provided post campaign to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.


Facebook Display Advertising

Billions of consumers use Facebook around the world. Now you can follow up your direct mail campaigns on Facebook to increase brand credibility,  awareness, and response. 

We can take any postal address file and create a custom Facebook ad for your target audience. With an average match rate of 55%, you can target an online market that exceeds most email append rates. This custom audience can then be targeted with a specific message that coincides with your direct mail campaign.

Benefits include: 

  • Increase conversion from a direct mail campaign,
  • Target demographics and analytics online with the same precision you use offline. 
  • Have ads click directly through to your website when consumers are online.

DM Boost

Effortlessly combine your direct mail with online advertising and campaign tracking. Unlike regular direct mail that operates on a one-step process, we now have a five-step system to make the most out of your mailings called “DM Boost” which incorporates both traditional and digital channels.

Watch the following 59 second video showing how DM Boost can improve the effectiveness of your next campaign:  DM BOOST VIDEO

Here is what you get in one easy to view campaign dashboard:

  • Postcard Mailing: we will print your direct mailer which will launch your campaign and send visitors to their website
  • Mail Tracking: shows predicted date for mail delivery as well as the actual delivery dates so you can correctly anticipate when your mailer will hit mailboxes and line up additional staff accordingly.
  • Call Tracking: allows clients to track exactly how many calls they receive from each campaign and allows them to listen to recordings of their phone calls so you can check for quality in your lead reception and sales processes. 
  • Online Digital Follow-Up Ads: every prospect who visits your website following your direct mail campaign is funneled into an automatic online follow-up system. Through our partnership with Google, your digital display ads which match your direct mail piece follow your website visitors for up to 90 days as they continue surfing the web for increased exposure and repetition of your company name and brand with goal to bring them back to your site.
  • Facebook Display Follow-Up Ads: keep your business in front of your prospects everywhere they go via the largest social network for up to 90 days with your customized Facebook display ads.  

From your own customized dashboard, you will be able to view real-time analytics to see who called in based on receiving the direct mail piece, who visited the website and how many people were following the online ads back to the website.